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iXR Labs

Сфера діяльності: Виробництво та постачання
Телефони: 07425060606
Ел. пошта: [email protected]
Країна: Україна
Перегляди: 37
Опис діяльності:
Step into the future of education with iXR Labs! We specialize in transforming traditional learning with our state-of-the-art virtual reality labs, designed specifically for engineering, science, and medical colleges. Our extensive library of over 100+ VR modules offers immersive and interactive experiences that boost comprehension, retention, and engagement, fostering a deeper research mindset among students. Trusted by top educational institutions, iXR Labs ensures you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of industry and technology. Experience education like never before with iXR Labs – where every lesson is an adventure in discovery and innovation.

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